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As Free as a Bee

Grow Wild Get Creative takeover 2018 at Summerhall Edinburgh


'Wild flowers and plants can bring colour and beauty to where you live. You might have seen wild flowers along railway lines or out in the countryside. In the UK we’re lucky to have some amazing wild flowers, but they're in danger: we’ve lost 97% of wild flower meadow habitats since the 1930s. Wild flowers provide food for the UK’s pollinating insects, such as bees, butterflies and moths, which are responsible for pollinating many of our food crops. Without wild flowers and insects the world could not produce enough food.'

Reacting to this statement above, I was funded to create a piece of work as part of the Grow Wild Get Creative Takeover at Summerhall in Edinburgh.

This work was created and inspired by our need as a society to help our Bumblebees in the UK. Bumblebees have become endangered, with the largest impact on them being the lack of wild fields and meadows. For this exhibition I didn't just want to highlight the issue, but also help towards a solution, so as well as this installation people were also encouraged to take home a pack of wildflower seeds, to grow.

Medium - Paper, Wire, Thread, Soluble fabric

Booklet Illustrations

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